Membrane Bio Reactors

The unique and advanced filtration system uses a combination of ceramics, activated carbon and hollow fibre membrane filters.

It’s unique hollow-fibre membrane technology ensures that contaminants, including 99.99% of bacteria, are removed while allowing beneficial minerals to remain in the water.

The hollow-fibre membrane technology is core to each and every filter. Consumers ranging from domestic household application to commercial and industrial applications, without exception, benefit from this superior technology.


STERAPORE™ is used in Suitable for various industrial and medical applications such drainage, sewage, and water treatment equipment, turbine condensate filtration equipment in power plants, and sterile hand-washing equipment used in hospitals by surgeons.

Hollow Fiber Membrane Features:

– High packing density
– Hollow fiber membranes have micro-porous structure in the membrane’s surface which ensures greater membrane surface area per volume.
– Equipment using the membrane process can be smaller than that using gravity sedimentation or other conventional method.
– The components directly involved in the membrane process can also be designed to be more compact due to the highly integrated feature of membrane products.
– Energy saving.
– Massive reduction in the footprint of the membrane installation. (space saving)
– Reduction in aeration volume.
– Reduces energy used.
– Extensive product lineup

We offer an extensive lineup of products including various processing applications and small to large scale installations.