Biological OIl / Water Separation

Biological Oil / Water Separation

We identified the need for an efficient, quiet, passive oil / water separator that does not require vast amounts of electricity to function.

Membrane Module

Membrane Bio Reactors

Suitable for various industrial, medical applications such drainage, sewage, water treatment equipment, turbine condensate filtration equipment in power plants and sterile hand-washing equipment used in hospitals.

Hydro-Carbon Remediation

Hydro-Carbon Remediation

Our experts are available on signature of a monthly service agreement to conduct onsite clean-ups. Alternatively, product specialists are available by appointment for training clients staff on specific remediation applications & clean-ups.

Solar_Petrol Water Driven System

Electronic Water Purification

Patented Chemical Free Electronic Purification Systems

Microbial Solutions

Microbial Solutions

Microbes are tiny forms of life that surround us, they are too small to be seen by the naked eye. They are found in water, in the soil, and in the air.

Big Projects

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